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    Cape May is America’s oldest seaside resort; it has welcomed visitors for generations with its hospitality and Victorian charm.

    Combine Cape May’s location, architecture and hospitality with its year round calendar of cultural, and family-friendly events, and it’s clear that this is a destination for all seasons.

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    Professional and DIY Branding Tasks for Your Small Business

    Branding differentiates your company in the marketplace. Best branding practices establish and sustain a lasting emotional or sentimental connection to customers, a target audience, or a desired market segment. A brand strategy involves setting goals, managing visual identity and communications, and effectively providing products and services that deliver on your brand. This article highlights some DIY and professional branding tasks to promote a consistent and lasting presentation of your brand's value proposition. 

    Set Brand Goals

    Prioritizing brand goals, determining budgets, and conducting a competitor analysis are manageable DIY tasks for small business owners. High-level sales or service aspirations are goals associated with increasing brand awareness, deepening customer emotional ties, strengthening trust, clarifying market segmentation, or leveraging an existing powerful brand differentiation or identity. Involve employees in defining your brand personality, which should flow naturally from product development, marketing ideas, and brand-based team-building efforts. Many small business owners use goal-setting and brand definition processes to clarify their business objectives and really define who and what they are. Then, consider delegating detailed operational branding work to the professionals.

    Hire a Pro

    Brand performance measurement uses KPI algorithms, data analytics, and survey tools, which are good project candidates to farm out to professional branding agencies. Rebranding and brand evolution to reach new customers often result in substantial visual identity changes, messaging shifts, new product development, and significant marketing and relaunch efforts. Professional brand improvement services help fashion responses to changing market conditions and evolving customer demographics and loyalty.

    Think About Marketing

    Every small business owner and employee is a DIY brand marketer to some degree. Pay attention to brand consistency and clarity flowing from your company values, image, and reputation. Branding strongly influences marketing plans and customer relationship management. Everyday practices across all your communication outlets and operations need to line up. If you have a limited marketing budget, check out online DIY survey tools and free email programs to boost marketing effectiveness.

    Professional marketing is an investment tailored to the extent and type of marketing you envision. One advantage of delegating specific marketing tasks to the professionals is to free up time and allow you to focus on other priorities. Marketing guidance, brand positioning, and creative development in both digital and traditional formats are among the most popular professional marketing services accessed by small business owners. Local SEO and compelling social media advertising expand your reach to different target audiences. Transactional or relationship marketing tools foster long-term customer loyalty and new customer recruitment.

    Work with Design Services

    Interact with a professional graphic or web design service by sharing design ideas and your own photographs, illustrations, or other visual content. Add text, sticky notes, highlights, freehand graphics, and other edits to large PDF files with multiple images and text. Use a free PDF editor tool, which allows you to specify changes and share creative ideas without sending lengthy emails. 

    Connect to Your Business Community

    By considering the tasks above, you'll have already started the process of branding your small business. Learn more about DIY and professional branding and marketing activities by sharing ideas and talking to like-minded entrepreneurs in your community. Join your local chamber of commerce today.

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